What Makes PCM Unique

With over 30 years of experience, deeply rooted in serving families of affluence, we understand the challenges and complexities of sustaining wealth while leveraging our experienced knowledge to provide multi-generational families with sophisticated wealth management solutions.  We believe that properly stewarding wealth requires a high level of service, proactively seeking the best solutions that serve your specific needs.  This is achieved by keeping our client base limited in number, allowing each assigned advisory team to focus more proactive service and attention to fewer relationships.

As a multi-family office, we are deeply focused on increasing and preserving wealth through the structured management of risk using non-traditional investment opportunities while fully integrating a multi-disciplinary team to construct tailored, bespoke wealth advice to meet your family’s needs.   

At Persimmon Capital, we are redefining the way families steward wealth by focusing on values and mission first and structure second.  Wealth is a medium that can achieve much, but affluence with little meaning or collective vision, often leads to the lack of fulfillment of the family’s desired legacy.