What Makes PCM Unique

Founded in 1998, Persimmon Capital Management is a privately owned, wholly independent family wealth advisory firm focused exclusively on advancing the mission of the clients we serve.  Highly focused on multi-generational families of affluence, our mission is to fill the growing void left by banks, trust companies, and wirehouses, in providing proactive, conflict-free advice with access to the breadth and level of service that is generally unavailable at traditional institutions.

It has been our experience that if one is genuinely seeking to steward their resources, time and talents, that a disciplined approach is required and must be adhered to in order to avoid the wasting and squandering of wealth

 Radical Transparency:

Shaped on our core beliefs of radical transparency, we are a legally bound fiduciary, meaning we always put our client’s interests ahead of our own. As a fee-only firm, Persimmon Capital acts as a steadfast advocate for the families and institutions we serve. We are in the business of supporting your family to ensure the execution and fulfillment of your unique needs, wants, wishes and dreams.

 Institutional Risk Management:

As a multi-family office, we are deeply focused on preserving and increasing wealth for our clients through the structured management of risk using non-traditional investment opportunities such as hedge funds, private equity and debt funds, and direct investments in private real estate and operating companies. At Persimmon, we strongly believe in non-correlated assets that provide return streams agnostic of traditional equities or bond markets. It is our experience that few institutions and managers are appropriately positioned to deal with bear market environments and the rising correlations among traditional asset classes that accompany them.

 Enduring Advocacy:

With decades of experience, deeply rooted in serving families of affluence, we understand the challenges and complexities of sustaining wealth while leveraging our accumulated knowledge to provide multi-generational families and institutions with sophisticated wealth and asset management solutions. We believe that properly stewarding wealth requires a high level of service, accomplished by proactively seeking the best solutions that serve your specific needs. This is achieved by keeping our client base limited in number, allowing each assigned advisory team to focus more proactive service and attention on fewer relationships.

 Writing a Legacy:

At Persimmon Capital, we are redefining the way families steward wealth by focusing on values and mission first and structuring wealth plans second. Wealth is a medium that can achieve much, but affluence with little meaning or collective vision, often leads to the lack of fulfillment of the family’s desired legacy. Our desire is to foster the advancement of human and monetary capital by defining your family’s values and using these values to increase family dialogue around purpose and legacy. The single greatest preventer of the permanent loss of generational wealth lies in defining specific steps and strategies that reinforce and sustain your family’s outlined ‘legacy.’