Challenges We Address

Families of affluence encounter incredible complexity and our work begins with addressing these complexities and supporting our clients in constructing a life free from worry.  As technology advances become more pervasive, the rate at which life becomes increasingly complex, accelerates.  In many ways these advances enable our lives for the better, however as wealth accumulation rises, the level of complexity each high net worth family faces, grows exponentially.  At Persimmon Capital, we work exclusively with families and institutions to combat this rising complexity in three specific ways:

  • Family Purpose & Generational Legacy: Bound by our commitment to collaborate with your family to nurture its culture and legacy, at Persimmon Capital our fiduciary responsibility starts with a specific question asked of each family we serve: “Who are you?”  Answering this question and finding key synergies between family members, allows a family to move from individual decision making to the collective.  By guiding this ongoing process, we act as your partners in building the necessary collective decision-making skills to create a thriving family discussion in order to prevent the wealth dissipation that plagues 90% of affluent families.  
  • Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration: Acting as your family’s Chief Financial Officer, Persimmon Capital has a unique approach to building a multi-disciplinary, collaborative team of advisors that incorporates all the necessary technical aspects of a traditional family office (investment management, wealth planning, and governance).  Collaboration among family wealth advisors is vital as the instability and complexity associated with each wealth planning discipline means that no one advisor can optimally serve your family without coordinating with the other members of your wealth team.  We work with your family to build a strong and collaborative advisory team that provides comprehensive implementation and oversight of your tailored plan to ensure your family can navigate life’s challenges.
  • Institutional Approach to Managing Risk:  At Persimmon Capital, our institutional approach to risk management centers on an investment method that is designed to preserve wealth by avoiding the permanent loss of capital while providing capital growth that is imperative for families, foundations and endowments to meet ongoing asset obligations.  We accomplish this by first understanding the wants, wishes, and needs of your family and utilizing these articulated goals to build tailored investment allocations that are comprised of traditional and non-traditional assets with the insistence that you are always properly rewarded for accepting certain investment risks.

Our Team