Clients We Serve

At Persimmon Capital Management, we serve families and institutions from various backgrounds and life experiences who come to us actively seeking how to effectively steward their wealth across multiple generations. Based on our decades of experience we fully appreciate and comprehend, the hard work that is required to create and oversee complex wealth. We partner with your family to truly listen and recognize your desires in order to craft a specifically designed plan around you.

 High Net Worth Families:

Many families do not recognize the downsides to financial success, but as life and markets continue to increase in complexity a family of affluence is presented with unique challenges. Persimmon Capital serves as your family’s Chief Financial Officer, supporting the navigation of the highly complex aspects of managing wealth while proactively coordinating the many facets of your life to ensure effective implementation of your family’s plans.

 Private Institutions:

Acting as an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO), Persimmon provides access to a suite of investment and advisory services to endowments, foundations and family offices based on their unique needs and objectives. Our experience, partnerships, and independent approach provide Persimmon with exclusive access to best-in-breed managers and capital market research that enables our firm to build customized investment solutions to preserve and protect the capital of our institutional clients. We approach this customization by understanding your specific needs and using proven strategies and access vehicles to maximize the risk/return profile of your capital.

Our Team