Family Office Services


Our Wealth Management Practice

Persimmon develops investment policies and asset allocation plans and invests client portfolios by allocating client assets to superior third-party traditional and non-traditional investment strategies. Additionally, Persimmon closely monitors and reports on client portfolios and adjusts portfolio allocations to optimally achieve our clients’ wealth management objectives.

We are a client-centered practice. By virtue of our average client asset level, our client base is limited in number, which allows us to deliver a high level of service and individual attention to the preservation and growth of our clients’ capital. All client portfolios are designed to meet individual investment objectives such as income, growth, and portfolio stability.

Persimmon continues to leverage the resources and technology of the ADVISORport platform, which enables Persimmon to deliver economies of scale and gain continued access to superior traditional managers. With our specific in-house expertise in alternative strategies, hedge funds of funds, combined with ADVISORport’s access to superior traditional managers, we have the unique ability to construct highly diversified portfolios that are designed to reduce overall portfolio volatility and optimize returns on a risk adjusted basis.

Our Alternative Strategies Business

Our hedge fund of funds business is rooted in the belief that talented hedge fund managers with unrestrained intellectual curiosity have the potential to achieve superior risk adjusted returns relative to their traditional (long only) counterparts. We believe that a manager’s ability to consistently generate alpha is a direct product of the management team’s collective intellect and an identifiable investment edge. Additionally, we believe that intellect and investment edge are not commodities that are evenly distributed throughout the hedge fund industry.

Persimmon’s previous success and the future results of our hedge funds of funds hinge on our ability to continuously discover and access top managers, which without exception reside in the top quartiles of their respective peer groups. Our investment research team travels throughout the United States and Europe searching for top quartile managers; sourcing hedge funds with strong people, process, and work ethic is the cornerstone to our investment process.

Persimmon currently manages a multi-strategy hedge fund of funds in a master/feeder structure with an absolute risk/return objective. In addition, we manage a long/short equity fund of funds structured as a 40 Act registered Investment Company.  Although the strategies may vary, at the core our clients and advisory partners entrust us to create portfolios of hedge funds that will enable them to compound wealth consistently while minimizing risk and preserving capital during volatile times. In summary, our goal is to deliver consistent and repeatable performance through our disciplined investment process and portfolio diversification.